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Eoghan Ó Carragáin

I work on research data and open science at University College Cork Library, and chair the Infrastructure Working Group of Ireland’s National Open Research Forum. I previously worked at the National Library of Ireland as a software developer building a digitisation workflow and digital repository architecture. While there I worked a lot with Linked Data tech. I’m an active member of the Research Data Alliance, focusing especially on practical approaches to data packaging and repository interoperability. I’m ridiculously excited by efforts to re-decentralised web (peer-to-peer and content-addressing aspects rather than the blockchain/smart-contract/magical-consensus variety), hopefully with a healthy amount of scepticism and pragmatism. Through a group called DaMaHub, I’ve collaborated with Protocol Labs to tease out issues around persistence and governance for decentralised management of research data (https://ti.to/damahub/decentralised-data-infrastructure-for-science/en).

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, January 23

11:30am GMT